As I was standing on line at Starbucks I noticed that each and every one of the customers seated at their tables were intensely involved with their laptops or iphones. Thanks to the length of the line and/or slowness of the baristas, I had sufficient time to make an accurate count: 14 out of 14 (adults, that is; three poor, tablet-less little kids were squirming in their chairs while their Dad texted). Now, 14 out of 14 is a statistically significant proportion, even for small sample. “Yikes,” I said to myself. “Yikes, again,” I exclaimed (I had plenty of time to both count and to Yike thanks to the long line and/or the slow baristas as mentioned).

I thought about my futuristic Story of the P’s, which is posted on this blog under  the title The Story of the P’s (see header), in which I went on a rant about “being connected”. By the year 2054 I had forecast that people would be uniformly”connected” to some monolithic and evil “Grid”, which sapped their psychic energy and manipulated their personalities via “Projected Personality Profiles” (the P’s). I thought I had gone a bit too far. Apparently not. Yikes again.

Because it’s true, goshdarnit. Most everyone is already “connected”. Increasingly they are “on line”, increasingly they “share”. Why do they want to share so much? I don’t get it. They take selfies all the time. Why? People today are always on the phone, or on the computer, watching TV shows to which they are “addicted” – and hearing commercials, which underlies the whole setup I suppose. I don’t know why I think it’s bad, and not healthy. I know I shouldn’t judge. Obviously, we are already far down the virtual yellow brick road. Here I am typing on an iPad. Still, I shout out.

Hurray for folk music! Hurray for the unplugged!