George Packard pedalled his bike pleasantly down the relatively quiet Los Angeles streets, enjoying he New Year’s Day lull in the traffic. George pedalled past the Wilshire Blvd subway construction sites at La Brea and at Fairfax. “It’s great that they’re building a subway for us,” mused George. (George, a proponent of mass transportation, was happy about the subway).

As George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories rode up into Beverly Hills, he realized that he had just driven past a big scoop. That’s right. The subway tunnel. What a scoop and what a project. IMG_1728Even though projections indicate that the subway will only marginally reduce car traffic, still, thought George, it’s a gesture, a move in the right direction, a statement that we must strive to reduce noxious emissions and waste less energy. A new transportation network will involve an enormous expenditure of public money and resources. But such construction projects would be a boost to the economy, give people jobs, help the environment in the long run. A no brainer. So how come they aren’t building more subways, putting more buses on the streets? George asked himself. The answer to that question, he said to himself, now that’s a scoop.IMG_1718

George rode on.