An announcement about announcers

Red Barber celebrating his 30th year as an announcer, his 26th in sports
Red Barber celebrating his 30th year as an announcer, his 26th in sports

January 4, 2016. Day four of 2016. Another year. To quote Mel Allen, the NY Yankees’ baseball broadcaster: “How ‘bout that?” Great wit was Mel. Mel was never my favorite announcer, I must confess. I preferred the ol’ redhead Red Barber, imageswho was so intelligent and devoted to his craft. Red Barber was a treat.

To go out on a limb and imply that sportscasting is an art form, I would say that just as there have been a select few great images-1opera singers like Caruso or Pavaratti, so too there also exists a cavalcade, a pantheon, a special category for the great sports announcers. Marty Glickman and Vin Scully would be at the top of my list.

However, worldwide every sport and every team and city etc has its own favorite sports announcers.

Los Angeles has erected a statue outside Staples Center to honor Chick Hearn. Chick was lovable and admirable in many ways,


but not a great announcer in my opinion. Marv Albert (Glickman’s protégé) is an excellent sportscaster. We (we Clippers fans) love Ralph Lawler.

In Chicago, Harry Carrey was beloved. As I say, there’ve been some great ones.



5 thoughts on “An announcement about announcers

  1. Radio and sports announcing, in particular, are dear to my heart as my father was one of the first disc jockeys in the country and also announced boxing and football. We have a long history of top announcers such as Ted Husing and Norman Brokenshire, etc. that paved the way for today’s stars.

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