This month’s semi-annual Bumbastories Magazine features:

IMG_1524Another report from George Packard, our roving reporter.

A Nostalgia Column images-2

An Environmental Corner IMG_1415

A quick tour of the UCLA Sculpture garden IMG_1753

Something else geometric images-1

And a couple of songs


George Packard ReportsIMG_1524

George Packard grabbed a few pencils and his reporter’s notebook and took to the street. George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories was in search of a scoop. Last month he had reported on the progress of construction on the Wilshire Blvd subway. For a big story, for a big scoop George figured he needed to dig deeper ….. images-1



On Heroes

Admit it. We all need heroes. Apparently it’s a human need, something in our mammalian spirits, something hard-wired. Joseph Campbell describes the hero’s quest as perhaps the finest of our mythologies. And what great stories! The trials of Hercules, the brave journeys of Odysseus, for example, well, it’s ….heroic. However, it’s sad day and a lonely quest for most of us – and a sad day in the newsroom for sure, might we add –  when we search for our heroes in popular culture. Earlier this week this editor saw the newspaper headline that Bill Cosby had been acquited of two rape charges. Trying not to get himself all upset and depressed, he turned quickly to the safe haven of the sports pages. However, on page one he immediately saw the results of the latest Baseball Hall of Fame voting. Listed were not only those actually elected to the Hall, but also a sampling of the prominent also-rans, guys who failed to be elected: various dopers and liars like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Marc McGuirre, Sammy Sosa. All fallen heroes! This editor is ever-saddened by these apparently endless revelations that shatter our idols. This editor, who is not an iconoclast, as well as the entire Bumbastories staff, recommends reading Homer or Tolstoy, or Victor Hugo to satisfy longings for heroes as a substitute for celebrity watching.


Another report from George Packard

Ever ready to play the tourist, even in his own city, George Packard provides us with a Quick Tour of the UCLA Sculpture Garden.


Nostalgia Column

Mike Steeden and his poem about nostalgia reminded me of familiar feelings I too have for the good ‘ol days. I recalled a poem I wrote maybe 20 years ago. It’s about Harlem’s 125th St. and the Ellington sounds. It’s strange, but I have a nostalgia, a very warm place in my heart for an era that pre-dated even me. All the same, my meanderings into old-time music have been a great source of joy for me. Here’s the poem plus some Ellington played by the Bumbastories Ensemble. And remember “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”.

Savoy Fare

Move those feet

Down the street

The Ellington Orchestra’s

Playing the blues


Hey cha chatty

What cha doin’?

What cha doin’

Over at the Savoy tonight?


Black men up in Harlem

Hootin’ and a sailin’

Satin ladies in the waitin’

Trolley trugglin’ on 125th


Hey sweet chatty

What ya sayin’

Over at the Savoy tonight?


Dreamy reeds spin soft as silk


Sweet embraces


A way

To sail into the night


Hey cha chatty what cha doin?

Come with me now

What cha doin’

Over, over at the Savoy tonight