images-4Here’s the latest version of that song Going Down to New Orleans, which I started writing a year or two ago and which, of course, is dedicated to that great city in the Rockies, Denver Colorado…NO…it’s about New Orleans, home of the blues. imagesIt has fast part and a slow part, a sad part and a happy part – which isn’t done very often in pop songs, and for good reason I suppose.

Going on down to New Orleans. They say it is the land of dreams. I’m going one day down to New Orleans

I’m gonna walk down that old Basin Street. Gonna hear that music, gonna shuffle my feet. When I get down to New Orleans

I’m gonna come in on that Mississippi Queen, prettiest darn boat you ain’t never seen. Gonna come into New Orleans in the morning.

Oh I know, I know, I know. There were days when the rains kept coming down. There was a time not long ago when the rains came down and the levee didn’t hold. On that awful day.

I never been to New Orleans but I heard that it’s the land of dreams. Someday I’m gonna get down to New Orleans.