Valentine’s Day Special

Welcome to the Bumbastories Valentine’s Day Card Special Edition!

  • images-4Roses are red/violets are blue/and here’s a Valentine’s Day Song for you!

Everybody Needs Love

Everybody Needs a Heart to Share

Everybody Needs Love, Everybody Everywhere

This is a song that I’m still working on, but it’s definitely a Valentine’s Day message. And definitely a sing-along.

More about the heart. It is astounding how many times a day and in how many different ways we use the word heart. For example, we use words like heartfelt, heartwarming, and broken-hearted. We are heartened by a good heart to heart, not to mention our delight in finding artichoke hearts in our salads. In all sincerity – and this is from my heart, nay from the bottom of my heart – the heart is our center, where our souls reside, where our love hides out. The heart, ach, it’s only a mere pump, you say. images-1Only a muscle. A quite amazing and sophisticated little muscle pump it is, but nonetheless it’s just a bloody pump. So why do we use the word to describe our spiritual center? Why are our hearts so special? How can our hearts be filled with love? Why are we so sure about our heart of hearts, and about our love? Well, (sorry) I guess it’s something we just know in our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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