Bumbastories Semi-Annual March Magazine


YIKES!!!!! The American presidential primaries, an epic drama, splayed out nightly on our screens for over a year already is a seemingly pointless drain on our resources and good taste. The only clear winners are the television networks who make a fortune on the presidential primaries, which they present as a sort of sporting event. First, the networks and other news media get something free to broadcast for two years. Of course they have to pay those pundits (Gee, I wonder how much those bastards make) and then some cameramen, the occasional reporter, and then some stooges to present the news. But otherwise the news is a relatively cheap show to produce that makes them lots of money. And, of course, the networks are double winners, since when everybody is talking about the elections (due to all the manufactured hype) they not only get increased listenership, and thus more money per minute for commercial time, but they also receive a charming collection of new customers – that’s right, the candidates themselves – who need to advertise extensively on TV – in order to get themselves elected and/or keep their grubby jobs. As a final insult to the voter, the elected non-politicians nowadays spend nearly half their time fund-raising (that’s right, they need more and more money to pay the networks).

And what a drama they’re serving us this year! Of course, Donald Trump is already a seasoned TV performer, and it was no surprise that he would stand out as a superior campaigner amongst the amazingly dull and gruesome slate of candidates the Republicans were fielding. Yikes, what a collection of bozos! images-3The surprising success of Trump’s campaign has set the pundits back on their heels (well, they were already on their tip-toes), and the Republican Party back on its ass. So, the question must be asked: “Are there THAT many idiots, rascists, and angry a-holes out there that they could actually elect a president? In response to this question, the Bumbastories editorial staff, following consultations with several supermarket clerks and some people on the bus, have decided that there is no such majority in the U.S. yet. Don’t worry, he won’t get elected. There are still enough reasonable, or non-crazy voters in the country to prevent a takeover. However, the entire Bumbastories staff, as well as the guys in the supermarket, are troubled by the size of this new demographic. It’s like the bastard offspring of the Tea Party. It relies on ignorance. Here the entire Rebublican Party is to be condemned. All the Republican candidates deny Darwin’s theory of evolution and deny climate change – as well as any other scientific evidence they choose to ignore or just don’t like. One asks: How stupid can people be? And the answer is “Very stupid!”



The Bumbastories Institute for Sustainable Research Solutions and for Individual IMG_1952Contributions unveiled yesterday another startling, new eco-friendly device that promises to replace those noisy, gas-driven, polluting, leaf-blowers. Institute researchers call this ground-breaking (OK, this ground-scraping) invention: The Rake.



aquamarina* three

mk3 featured
3rd month of the year [already] day 3 – 03:00 EET

Marina Kanavaki salutes the number Three and the month of March. Purportedly, it was Bumba himself who got Marina hooked on the Numbers Game. In any case, she sure is turning out some intersting stuff each month using the numerals for inspiration. Here’s a compost, a re-post what I wrote about the three last year.



Here are four songs I recorded yesterday, all of them sing alongs.

Pick your poison. But sing along.

Yellow Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair, a Donovan Leitch song

The House of the Rising Sun. Please see The House of the Rising Sun Compendium for more versions and info on this song. But help Bumba sing this one in the meantime. I think a lot of people know the words. I used the Dylan/Animals lyrics and tune.

Here’s Cryin’ Time, a great song that many people know. Made famous by Ray Charles, it was written by Buck Owens, who was one of my early favorites.

And your final choice of sing along songs is Me and Bobby McGee, written by Kris Kristofferson, and sung here by Bumba without throwing in the modulation.


A pleasant month of March to one and all!





11 thoughts on “Bumbastories Semi-Annual March Magazine

  1. lol – “the bastard offspring of the Tea Party” — appalled by the apparent lack of intellect among my fellow Americans, myself. I hope you are correct that it will not happen. If Trump gets elected I don’t know if I can continue to “pledge allegiance” – it may be time to seriously consider expatriation.

    But then, it’s not like we have a great many better options anymore — not that it matters. The middle-aged white men of the Republican party will simply stamp their great big feet as they shut down the government any time they don’t get their way, speaking of not pledging allegiance! Yet none may call it treason?

    “Superhuman fortitude” indeed! Thanks for checking out my Adderall rant, btw.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    -ADD Coach Training Field founder/ADD Coaching co-founder-
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  2. The U.S. elections are making me nuts. I’m really good at switching channels, now.
    I like your selection of songs & listened to all, in part. Have a fab March, Bumba!

  3. Glad to hear that sanity prevails in the US and all the Trump hype may be misleading, my appreciation of people on the bus has just gone up a bit.

  4. Hey, you gettin’ any rain down there? We got some up here. I love it! No raking right now with the ground all wet. I’ve never understood the leaf blowers. So noisy and a waste of energy. So yes, I think there are a lot of stupid people in this country. I would be really surprised if Trump got elected, but then….I can’t believe he got this far. His base doesn’t follow the news and I’m wondering if they can even read. It’s worrisome, Bumba. Marina is turning out some wonderful art! Thanks for the lovely tunes.

    1. We have rain today but mr El Niño is so big the storms are further north. Lotsa snow. I recall LA passed an ordinance outlawing the leaf blowers, but after a week rescinded it due to pressure from the gardening lobby- which is an oxymoron unless it’s an atrium. 🙂

  5. Oh, yes, you err… he got me hooked on these and I’m so grateful too!
    Congratulate Bumba on my behalf for a brilliant magazine and for the sing alongs!
    Enjoy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead. [hope it goes out like a lamb by the way!] 🙂

    1. Thank you! As for the lion, we’re still waiting for rain here in LA. We’re like Humphrey Bogart at the end of Casablanca: waiting for Raines.

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