images-4Welcome to the month of April. And as they used to say in merry England back in the 14th century……

When that Aprille with his shoures soote

The droghe of March hath perced to the roote,

And bathed every veyne in swich liccur

Of which vertu has engendered is the flour…….

Welcome to April. The month of showers and sweet promises in merry England, of annual reawakening and renewal of spirit all over the world. Ah, April with its showers sweet. Still, on the other hand, the 20th century sensibilities of T.S. Eliot tell us that April is the cruelest month in all the great Wasteland. Yikes! Are we to believe our poets? Of course not! They’re only poets, not meteorologists. And the meteorologists aren’t batting 1,000 either.IMG_0216

Notwithstanding the snide comments of Mr. Eliot, the month of April conjures in most of us idyllic images of the “so-called” April showers – and, personally, I see showers as a positive thing. That’s why I always try to take at least one shower in April (I do confess to being somewhat lax about my personal hygiene during the rest of the year). Never mind. Happy April! April is the fourth month, so before going any further, and with no further foreplay, let me be forthwith and link to my previous four posts about the four. And don’t ask “What for?” Really there are four! For what? Four posts about the four. I’m hoping we’ll be fortunate and Marina Kanavaki posts a number on the number four for us readers.

I know that April is here because March Madness is over. And, praise the Lord, the baseball season started yesterday. The U.S. taxman has his birthday in April. In May, actually Seven Days in May, the taxman spends April in Paris. April is also a popular woman’s name, a youthful, sexy kind of name. Certainly April has cheerful connotations in Western culture.

In southern California we still haven’t begun spring. And that’s because we still haven’t had a winter yet! Out here in LA we don’t have the same sort of four-seasons-in-a-year cycle enjoyed in the temperate zones. Ours is a more Mediterranean climate. Anywaze and nonetheless, there’s a time of year we call spring in Los Angeles – and spring usually rolls around some time in April – after the winter rains have ceased. This year, though, as I say, we’ve yet to see any serious winter rains. The expected El Niño storms have passed further north. It’s been summer weather most of the “winter”. So, we poor Angelinos are still just waiting. Waiting for some sort of rainfall.

To return to something of good cheer, let me throw in Maybank and Bumba’s last week recording of Del Shannon’s Runaway, a classic, nay iconic, rockn’roller from back in the early 60’s. It’s a happy song with a famed “happy organ”, which in Bumba’s (our) case is a happy harmonica, but with which you can sing along in any case.


On the political front, Bernie Sanders is definitely making a respectable run for the Presidency, which may actually be within his (or Hillary’s) reach given the impending break-up/break-down/brake before you hit the wall of the Republican Party, the GOP. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They deserve Trump. But what did we do to deserve Ted Cruz? Yikes! and Yikes again!


What? Me worry?
What? Me worry?


Don’t worry.