The human compulsion to write, the urge to express onesself, is rooted in two urges that are present in everyone to varying degrees: 1) The child’s urge to seek approval, to be heard: “Hey, listen to me!” “Watch this, Ma!”, or “Let me sing you a song”.

Then there’s 2): the grown person’s desire to unite with the One, the spiritual quest. In creating art, one can feel a bit of the divine. It draws you on.

For most writers and beginners (that should take in most of us) the childish urges dominate. We like to hear ourselves talk. Full spiritual peace and connection is rare. And it seems that most of our creative juices are poured into talking, chatting, gossiping, texting, and whatever else people do pecking at their phones, not to mention good old-fashioned worrying. Nevertheless and all the same, the spiritual end of things keeps calling. It’s one of the better games in town. So go for it. Keep on playin’ that Country Music.

Himages-5ere’s to Merle Haggard, may he rest in peace.