St. James Infirmary

Please see below today’s entry for the St. James Infirmary Compendium. Contributions to the Compendium are welcome via the comments. I already have several Compendiums in my WordPress library, the St. James Infirmary Compendium being one of them. If you check out the St. James Infirmary Compendium (which is a subheading under Original Music and Songs), you’ll see a virtual compendium of posts about said subject. That’s why I call it a Compendium. Still, the question remains: “Why do you have so many posts about the same thing?” Well, the thing is Maybank and Bumba like to do this song, and play it nearly every time they get together, and well……because it’s a great song, and ….then… well, when I have nothing else to post…. I put up St. James Infirmary……

By way of some thorough and intensive research (I looked at Wikipedia), I learned that the hospital called St. James Infirmary was in London, and not in New Orleans as I had mistakenly surmised. After all, don’t all those great American folksongs come fromNew Orleans? Apparently not. It turns out London isn’t chopped liver either. images-3In fact London can also lay claim to being the source of the word Asylum, which was an actual hospital or infirmary for the mentally ill and victims of paresis – and which became the generic term for all such lovely domiciles.

The St. James Infirmary is a “wonderfully sad” song. And, as I say, we love to play it. Hence the Compendium.

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