“Wait a minute, Bumba. We know that this blog is called Every Day Another Story and that sometimes you might feel a bit of pressure to post like every day. But still, all the same, gee whiz Bumba, didn’t you post the St. James Infirmary just last week? Compendium, comshmendium, isn’t this a bit too much St. James Infirmary?”

Well, yeah. I suppose you’re right…..Anyhoo, this St James Infirmary is a different tune and lyric altogether from the standard one. Furthermore, Maybank and I like to do both versions. So there! You don’t have to click and hear it. It’s voluntary (Spoiler alert: this version is awfully doleful and it could be that it’s even maybe more doleful than the standard St. James Infirmary) Doc Watson does a version of St. James Infirmary like this, and anyway, Maybank does a swell job of singing this one. So there! audio mp3=”https://bumbastories.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/loredostjames062216.mp3″%5D