The July Magazine: Semi Quarterly Special Edition

Calling out around the world. Are you ready for a brand new beat?

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancin in the streets.

Thank you Martha and the Vandellas.

Welcome to July, the seventh month. Here’s to the number seven! Lucky seven. Following the stable and perfect six, the seven is an odd fellow. Not an easy one to tessellate is the seven. No obvious symmetries. But for some reason we love the seven. Seven is lucky. Ask the seven dwarfs, the seventh son, or any of the seven brides for the seven brothers. Ask James Bond, #007, ask the Magnificent Seven, or just ask anyone at the 711. Just don’t ask me, ’cause I don’t know. See my past ramblings on the seven here

Tell me. Why are there so many positive associations with the number seven? Why is the Sabbath on the seventh day? Did God simply get tired after the six? Why were there Seven Wonders in the ancient world? Why the Seven Seas? Why the seventh inning stretch?

Seven is an odd number. A prime. And talking of prime, let us hope that Marina Kanavaki is cooking up something good for the seven and the month of July.


11 thoughts on “The July Magazine: Semi Quarterly Special Edition

  1. And on the seventh day she appears!!!!!! 😉 The mysterious 7! I barely made it [scheduled for 07:00 Greek time!] One more month to go to complete this challenge you began [and for which I’m very grateful!] Happy seventh of the seventh, my dear friend!

  2. Yes, 7 is an enigma, Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs being my fave. I am so looking forward to seeing what Marina comes up with. 7 seas, 7 deadly sins, 7 days to a week, 7th heaven and it is almost endless! 7 kisses to you, Bumba!

  3. The seven hills of Rome also come to mind and seven colours in a rainbow…yet also seven years bad luck…intriguing number 7, also can’t help thinking of a head in a box.

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