I came across this quote. I am fully aware that its message might rain on the parade of the aspiring writers out there, dampen their spirits, discourage them. But it’s too pithy and sardonic for me to resist posting. Besides, I’ve never posted a quote before. Everybody else does.

It’s from the book of Ecclesiastes, written in the second or third century B.C. or thereabouts, as seen here on the Dead Sea Scrolls, which I had the pleasure to see. Not very encouraging words for the writers -coming from a period of history when books were on written on scrolls and tablets, stone tablets that is. Already they had had too much. Too many books! This fact of life, this over-abundance of books, definitely has to temper our literary undertakings, or at least put them into perspective! And, the writer must ask him or herself whether what he’s writing is “worthwhile”. Why waste more space, paper, time?

Nevertheless and all the same, it’s interesting how many people are writing. They want to tell their story so much. Of course, every now and then a Henry Miller comes along. But usually not. Most of us are not geniuses, or even know how to spell geniuses, or is it genii? But we try. We write. We want so to be heard. Personally, I don’t think I’ll try another novel. It takes too much time. I’m certainly not going to write it on parchment. Not again! Perhaps I’ll try an epub book. Or maybe I’ll just go down to the pub. Yeah, that sounds better.