The Bumbastories’ August Magazine: Bi-Centennial Edition: Something I Eight

Peridot-Eight_artHappy August. Happy eighth month! August, as you might have guessed, got its name from the Roman emperor Augustus, who named the month after himself to celebrate, er, himself. August means admirable, reverential, and implies all things good, which is why Augustus, nee Octavius, re-named himself Augustus in the first place. Ol’ Augustus thought Augustus sounded cool. As indeed it is. The August flower is the poppy, and the biirthstone for August is the onyx.

No. not you! Tou're not an onyx. You're an oryx!
No. not you! You’re not an onyx. You’re an oryx!



August is the eighth month! Eight: that’s two fours, or four twos. Of course, eight is eight ones – as all numbers are by definition simple multiples of the one. Now, ain’t that something? Anyhoo, eight huit ocho octo is an even number, a very even number. Eight is two cubed, duality expressed in three dimensions. Eight represents order and stability. The eighth note completes the octave (That’s the musical octave, not Octavius. We don’t want to start with him again!).

As always we aw8 the monthly post of Marina Kanavaki to see what she comes up with for August. Marina also salutes the numbers every month, so we figure (figure-eight?) she’ll come up with something beautiful for the eight. She always does. And I betcha that she’ll let us know on 8/8.

I wrote about the eight last year, so consult Something I Eight for further number silliness. The only thing I’ll repeat here is that 8 was the late Yogi Berra’s uniform number. Good ‘ol Yogi. Yogi was loved by everyone and he was a helluva ballplayer. Also Joe Morgan wore number 8. Joe is still alive and kicking, still announcing baseball games the last I heard. Many traditions see the 8 as a good luck number. In the Jewish tradition there are eight days to Chanukah, and also Passover. Even after the seven days of Succoth, an eighth holiday day is added, Shmini Atzeret, Shmini meaning eighth. Eight is just a good solid number. Follow the Buddha’s Eight-Fold path to Nirvana. And keep your hands on the table. Thank you for your cooperation.

And here’s a song to send you on your way. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, sung for the umpteenth time by poor Bumba, who says he just love to sing this song and hopes you will sing along too.  



9 thoughts on “The Bumbastories’ August Magazine: Bi-Centennial Edition: Something I Eight

  1. Stephen, I am a Leo and so anything to do with August, get’s my attention and approval. I learned some things from this post. Delightful! I thought our stone was the peridot? Anyway, that is what I have been given all my life. 😀 I like the idea of onyx too. Love black in anything.

  2. Listening to & enjoying your song while reading your gr8 post, Gotta chuckle about…”No. not you! You’re not an onyx. You’re an oryx!” Sure looks like an onyx on the oryx’s head to me. No wonder the sweet thing is confused. 😉 Have a gr8 week!

  3. I was looking forward to this! I enjoy your posts so much, my friend.
    And yes, 8/8!
    In for a game of 8-ball? 😉
    BTW, umpteenth? Nuh, always sounds fresh when you sing/play it! 🙂

    1. It is a great song to sing. There’s more things with eights and eighths, and I’m always peeking out from behind the eight ball. Looking forward to your August Eight.

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