Mid-August Magazine

Bumbastories Mid-August Political Update

Bumbastories’ staff of eager and overtalkative (actually they’re all serious motor mouths) political pundits is on the scene.images-4 Covering the Presidential race.

 The Trump campaign/phenomenon still has all the pundits shaking their heads, wagging their tails, and shrugging their shoulders – all in one motion. How could there be so many angry white people? And how come the pundits didn’t know there were so many of them? How can Trump get away with the vicious nonsense he presents so unashamedly? How can the pundits sleep at night after spending their days struggling to interpret, make sense of, (and thus) excuse and normalize Trump’s daily “off the cuff bigoted comments?

As a postscript: How the heck did the Trump campaign staff decide to play the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want at the crowning moment of the Republican convention? You know the moment, when Trump and Pence were raising their hands together for the cheering throng in their big moment of accepting the nomination. Gee whiz. Didn’t the campaign advisors and media consultants screen the lyrics? The lyrics talk about drug connections, blood-stained hands, foot-loose men, blowing a 50-amp fuse, and settling for what you can get. What a campaign theme! You Can’t Always Get What You Want?

Anyhoo, Bumba gave this one a go. Click to hear it.

Nevertheless and all the same, the Bumbastories pundits seem to be of the opinion that the number of sane Ameicans still outnumbers the Trumpeldinks.

Bumbastories’ Mid-Week August Sports Round-Up Magazine: A Ballgame

Go Dodgers!

Well, the Dodgers ain’t so bad this year. they’ve has a lot of injuries. However, ever since they don’t broadcast the games anymore (at least on my cable package they don’t,  the sons of bitches), I don’t follow the Dodgers quite as close as I used to. However, I did get out to the ballpark this last home stand. I saw a decent game. As I say, the Dodgers are playing decently of late. But, overall, when you consider the concession stand prices, the 20 bucks to park, and the Dodger’s greediness and disrespect for the fans with this television blackout, ya gotta say eff the Ownership team, including the Magicman.

I am aware that the above statement may sound like treason, especially that diss of the Magiciman Earvin Johnson, but you gotta realize: this is a sports column.

Re sports on TV, for the American sports fan, soccer has to be the best to watch. It’s such a great game. And, thanks to the ‘no time outs’, there are no commercials. It’s a treat. Which brings us to a grinding of the teeth ending to our Sports column, as we note how unsettling and downright screamingly boring it is to watch the NBC coverage of the Olympics. Ther’s maybe 50% commercials. And the commentary! the petty gossip/human interest stories! They barely show the sport.

The above recording of Take Me Out to the Ballgame is meant to accompany this Sports column and/or just sung along with at a later point in time.


Yes. George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for Bumbastories, was out there again. In fact George Packard is always out there. Combing the streets of Los Angeles. Searching and scouring for a Scoop. A journalistic Breaking News story! However, unlike most reporters, George’s M.O., his modus operundi, was to avoid all the obvious journalists’ haunts. You know, City Hall, the Board of Supervisors Meetings, courtroom hallways, and whatnot. No way! George Packard was an unconventional sort of roving reporter. Because instead of City Hall, George pedaled his bicycle to the beach! (We knew all along he would, didn’t we?). Anyhow, George was riding smoothly down Venice Blvd on a fine Saturday morn. He pedaled past Fairfax, past Cadillac, under the freeway, past La Cienega. He turned onto National Bl., and wended his way through Culver City over to the Ballona Creek Bicycle Path.

Now, Ballona Creek is not exactly a natural one. It has banks of concrete. Nevermind. The modest stream of water that passed through this Army Corps of Engineers constructed flood control channel flowed all the way to the beach. The wind was against him, as George slowly headed out to the sea. George saw a number of ducks and egrets that had ventured up stream. They didn’t used to come up this far. George wondered, as he always does when he rides the bicycle path, why the heck they (either the County or the State crews) periodically cut and remove all the vegetation? You would think vegetation along the banks growing on top of the concrete would only make the wall that much stronger and resistant to flooding! Why don’t they just let the vegetation grow? muttered George to himself. They could better direct their cleanup efforts to actually cleaning the creek from all the styrofoam and plastic that always gets washed down to the sea along with the drain water. And it wouldn’t hurt to clean the streets better either, concluded George.

And there ahead of him, as he pedaled under Centinella – where the tidewater reaches the creek – he saw some guys fishing. Heck, that’s a scoop, said George Packard to himself. “Fishing in Ballona Creek!”. There didn’t used to be any fish or wildlife this far up the creek, but George had been seeing fish jumping in the creek for over a year now. He’d even seen a sea lion venture up the creek once or twice. There’d even been a few lone fisherman of late. But there’s three, four of them back there.! they look like serious fishermen. See the Gallery to find out who winds up with the fish.image image image


8 thoughts on “Mid-August Magazine

  1. Excellent and thoughtful August summer edition covering the election season with the stupidity of the Trump campaign, America’s greatest past time with Dodger Blue Crew update and the fact that people were actually fishing along the concrete storm drain channel at Ballona Creek. That blows my mind that people would fish there considering how polluted that water is with Copper, Lead, Zinc and Selenium with watershed total maximum daily loads established by the LA Regional Water Board! But I agree they should just let nature take its course and allow our ecosystem services to work by not removing vegetation which not only provides oxygen and erosion control from stormwater runoff but also provides critical habitat for many endangered birds and other species and helps filter and remove pollutants before discharging to our oceans that we swim and recreate in. Clean wster is essential for public health and California’s economy!

    1. Thank you for reading. And letting nature take its course and just leaving things alone is generally a good course of action. And even though there are metals and pollutants in the creek, the fact that fish now swim there is a good sign.

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