MK-9 PrintHey, it’s September again. Happy September. Here’s a compost re-post of last year’s September Magazine, a joint venture with Marina Kanavaki. which was a salute to the number nine, September being the ninth month.

This year, the September Magazine again reminds us that the nine enjoys positive connotations in our culture. People like the nine, they want to be on cloud nine. Baseball has nine innings and cats have nine lives. The question must be asked why the numbers, our familiar ten numerals, each carry such special significance and meaning to us humans (as opposed to your average cat who apparently doesn’t get moved by numbers or care a good whisker for mathematics – unless it’s to avoid being caught in a cat of nine tails) What is it about the numbers that calls to us? See our Math for Dummies: the Numbers Game Is Here Category to explore these quirky and apparently spiritual sorts of questions about numbers. Odds are you’ll be even more confused than you are now.

A song to set you on your way: Dylan’s Easy Chair as performed by Bumba and Maybank