A view from on high

Here are some Yosemite photos. I was there two weeks ago. I wanted to title them As Above, So Below a la Marina Kanavaki, but didn’t have a good one of Half Dome from below. Also, I didn’t have a good one of El Capitan from above. So there you go. But these formations are amazing no matter how you look at them. El Capitan, I am told, is the world’s largest piece of granite in the world, the largest of all megaliths. It sure is big. Megaliths, giant rocks, were the subject of several posts I wrote a few years ago. I recall that I actually did a bit of research on the subject of megaliths, prompted by the LA County Art Museum’s megalith, which was transported to LA at great expense from a San Bernardino quarry – to no great artistic or aesthetic effect as far as I can tell. 

Getting back to megaliths, when it comes to megaliths El Capitan is the king of ’em all y’all. Half Dome is a pretty big rock too, and you can imagine how big it used to be before somebody went and sliced half of it off. Here’s another rendition of I’m Sitting On Top of the World, a blues version with harmonica. Another blogger mentioned the song so Maybank and I recorded it again.

IMG_2702 IMG_0732 IMG_2678 IMG_26523.5 million visited Yosemite this year, so overcrowding is an issue. But the National Parks Service has done an admirable job in setting up (almost) regular bus service in the Valley, even up to Glacier Point. Three cheers for the National Parks Service. Hats off to all the Rangers. Never met a Ranger I didn’t like. They have always provided fine and informative, educational, illuminating and courteous service to the public – consistently and for generations – despite meager funding from Congress. They are a fine example of a government agency that works well and benefits the people. There are those who are so sour and depressed as to think that all government services are inherently bad, that government is bad etc. They forget the roads and power lines, street lights and social security, the army, the air force and the marines, and, yes,those”terrible” regulations (yes they are sometimes ridiculously cumbersome and need to be trimmed and they get in the way of millionaires making more profits sometimes) regulations that insure a safe water and food supply, protection from epidemics, relief from catastrophes. Etc, etc etc…Not to mention the National Parks, OK, I’ll mention it, the parks are the jewels of American democracy. Hurray for the National Parks, the National Forests, the National Monuments and Heritage sites. May they be preserved. By the way, when are they going to change those road signs that say “National Forests, Land of Many Uses”?

8 thoughts on “A view from on high

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m enjoying the song as I type.
    I just got 2 copies of Marina’s catalogue delivered today. They are exquisite!!!!!

  2. Star Trek V needs a rewatch now after seeing these photos. If those Rangers were on passport control people would probably appreciate the first greeting into your country a lot more!

    National parks are joyous things, everytime businesses get thwarted in their plans to ruin them, I can’t help but grin like a horrible clown.

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