Semi-Annual October Magazine

With sincere and heartfelt apologies (not!) for the lateness of this Bumbastories  October Magazine, here it is for what it’s worth: the

Semi-Annual Bumbastories October Magazine featuring

  1. A quixotic report imagesby Bumbastories‘ own roving reporter, Geoge Packard

2) Keen political insights from the img_2723Bumbastories select, Grade -A and U.S. certified team of hi-profile political pundits.

A Salute to the nimages-2umber 10, October being the tenth calendar month, and that’s two high-fives to you!

A Sports Report


A Sports Report

A great baseball post-season! Go Dodgers!


The George Packard Report

George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for the now-nearly-defunct Bumbastories Magazine was flummoxed and flababastered. The Presidential campaign had him discombobulated and disconcerted, disparaged and downright dystopian. George was also dysfunctionally dissociative, distressingly dismayed, and downright disspirited. And doggonnit, he also needed a wheel alignment, a new muffler, and a transmission job. Yikes.

George rode the streets of Los Angeles on his bicycle looking for a story. Our intrepid roving reporter could find no scoops, although he did spot some noteworthy derricks and cranesIMG_2009 at the subway construction sites on Wilshire Blvd. As George pedalled he pondered the American political situation. Alas and alak, there was no way to understand it. Nearly half the American electorate was prepared to vote for a grotesque  buffoon, a liar and charlatan. A dangerous man. The killing in Iraq and Syria, the constant state of “war” on terror troubled him. It seemed that all the toxic television shows, the violent video games, the cheap “reality” nonsense, the celebrity watching, the talk radio, etc. had finally borne fruit. It’s taken a generation or two but “they” have created a nation of dumbed-down consumers who have very little ability to think rationally. George Packard shook his head. “No,” he thought, “Even if Hillary Clinton achieves a smashing victory, the closeness of this race, the aftertaste, will linger like some albatross.”

Tenimages-1 images

10. The final number in our number system. The end of the line. After ten we start counting again. We start counting by tens, and then by tens of tens, and hundreds and thousands of thousands of tens, up to 10 to the googleplex. A ten-based number system. It works pretty good.

People like the number ten. Ten out of ten is a good score. In bowling (or ten pins) it’s great to get a strike when you knock ’em all down with one ball. I always liked bowling. Back in NY there was 1010 WINS NY. which reminds me of The Ten Commandments, Ten Little Indians, ten plagues (yikes!), #10 Downing Street (yikes again!), and the ten space-time dimensions. The Trojan War took ten years, and so did Odysseus’ exile. The basketball hoop is ten feet high, which is undoubtedly very significant. The ten is two fives, the symmetry or framework employed by our DNA molecules. Click below to hear a song that starts with the word ten. Ten years ago on a cold, dark night….


5 thoughts on “Semi-Annual October Magazine

  1. I am stilling rolling around delirious about your delicious dedication to droll duality as evidenced in the delay of this dichronic delusive “semiannual Octoberness” in all its jollity.

    (As for the electorate, I am with Bill Maher: Americans are a s****d people.)

    Your posts are worth the wait, Stephen.

    1. Ever read Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel? Word Smith is the alliterative sports reporter who opens the book. And he doesn’t disappoint dargarnit.

  2. Ha, I’m almost in time to wish you a happy 11th month Stephen!
    The whole world is holding its breath in anticipation with you, and with fingers crossed that Assange doesn’t have any more surprises up his sleeve 🙂

  3. You too. Happy October! I was hoping that on Oct 10 that maybe, just maybe you would publish a ten tribute. But no, you are smart to leave it as a completed project. Ten-fold blessings on you, my friend.:)

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