Bumbastories End of October, but definitely not a Halloween Magazine

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

In the Mid-August Bumbas Magazine I expressed my amazement that Donald Trump’s campaign team of the “very best people” had somehow selected this decidedly heavy and melancholic Rolling Stones song as the music to play at his Republican Party Nomination. What an oversight, I thought.

But no. I see that they continue to play the song at his rallies. Unbelievable. I suppose that it is Trump himself who chose the song and likes it so well. In any case, Maybank and myself were playing it again the other day. It is a great song.  images-1



George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories, troubled and distraught as he was over the state of American politics, could find no relief. Halloween, IMG_1600that dreaded and increasingly dreadful American holiday was approaching. It was hard to escape the hype. img_2749

Soon all those greedy, grubby little children in store-bought costumes, many of them accompanied by smiling parents, some of them in costumes too, would be knocking on his door. Asking for candy.  George hated Halloween and the way it had been commercialized. George figured he’d take a drive to forget his worries and to forget about Halloween. No such luck for George Packard. img_2744



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