November Magazine


YIKES! And YIKES again. Get out there and vote. Ever hear of the lesser of two evils? Ever hear about being realistic? Ever hear about being a good citizen, voting your conscience? If you’re an American and over 18, make sure you vote. If you’re not American, well, keep your fingers crossed.

This Magazine has no further election comments, but a re-post of the 2014 Election Day message ( OK, I’m lazy) still holds true:

Election Update

Unfortunately, Bumbastories is currently unable to provide information about the American elections. As an ordinary newspaper staffed by ordinary reporters, the only Bumbastories’  contacts with any of the candidates have been phone contacts  –  and those were taped messages! I thought, I hoped, I could have access to my representatives, but “access” costs money. Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, first amendment free speech rights (rights to lobby and rights to put ads on television) cannot to be denied to millionaires and corporate accounts. As a result, however, everyone else’s free speech rights are so reduced as to be virtually non-existent, which to my mind is really unconstitutional. The Koch brothers have already spent $290 million in campaign contributions. Yikes. Personally, Bumba cannot find a single reason to give a single slim dime to any of the current lot of politicians.



Congatulations to the Chicago Cubs, who won the World Series – ending a one hundred and eight year drought! That’s right, 108 years since the Cubbies won the Series. Hats off too to a terrific Cleveland team. We were treated to Major League Baseball at its best: two terrific teams, a 7-game series with an extra inning thrown in for good measure. Just some terrific baseball this year. Hurray for baseball! images-3




A writer’s confession:

I’m an imposter. I’m not writer. I’m a fake. I call myself a writer, but I’m not. I’m a fake, a wannabe. Why? Because being a writer requires actual writing: the regular putting of pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard, etc., etc. And I haven’t done that. I haven’t been writing. I’ll tell you the truth, it’s been half a year since I wrote anything. Actually it’s more like a year. Oh sure. I write for this blog thing. But someone, another writer, once told me that writing on the blog is OK, but that it’s not real writing. He also said that writing about your writer’s block definitely doesn’t count as writing. So there you go.


ELEVEN images-8

Onze, 11. A fine number. A prime. Composed of two numerals, two ones. Side by side. And since November is the eleventh month, Bumbastories feels obliged say a few words about the eleven.

Mathematically, the eleven isn’t particulary interesting, not useful in constructing things. Nothing in nature uses eleven-fold symmetry if I’m not mistaken. But we humans have a certain liking for the eleven. Eleven connotes a certain solidity, dominance, or power. Eleven, which is derived in English from “one lef or left over after the ten” appears frequently in our language and in our culture. The 7-11 convenience store network comes to mind (but that’s probably because I drove past like eleven of them yesterday).

The Statue of Liberty stands on Bedloe Island in N.Y harbor on what was  originally an eleven-pointed island. Long may she stand.

Football is played with 11 men. Likewise cricket. Did I mention the 7-11 convenience store? I have to go there later. There’s the 11 O’Clock News,  Apollo 11, and Remembrance Day, Poppy Dayimages-6, and Veterans’ Day – which are commemorated on 11/11, as World War I ended on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month back in 1918. May the memory of those millions who died in WWI be blessed. Looking back historically, we can see that WWI was avoidable. They didn’t have to die. May all the fallen soldiers in all the wars rest in peace. And let us strive to avoid wars and to seek peace.

The lowest point on the globe, the Marina trench in the Pacific, is 11 km deep, which is deeper than Mt. Everest is high. Back to the eleven. The Canadian dollar coin and the Indian two-rupee coin are eleven sided. OK, I’ll stop. It’s the eleventh hour, and I still have to get down to the 7-11. images-7




Yet another entry into the ST. JAMES INFIRMARY Compendium by Maybank and Bumba.

Happy November. And long live the Blues, long live Country Music, and long live Democracy!

7 thoughts on “November Magazine

  1. Amen! Well said for everything and hurray for baseball! Hats off to the Cubs for breaking an 108 year drought and finally winning the World Series!. What an amazing nail biter of a game! Now time to check out a 7-11 hehe.

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