American Election Wrapup

I suppose we’ve taken a blow. Trump will be the next President. imageBut we must get up from the floor quickly and continue to fight for single payer health care, graduated tax codes that include taxing capital gains as income, removing their business exemptions, free higher education available to all, and protection of civil rights for all. Gun control, public financing of elections, direct election for President. There’s a lot of things to do. These are perilous times.

The American democracy faces a test. How to survive in the world of Twitter and television. Of terrorism and confusion. It’s important that democracy and fairness in government be preserved. So, hang on, campers. It’s gonna be interesting.

Here’s a song, one of Hank Williams’ greatest, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, sung ably by Maybank last nite.

(Note from the editor: On Bumbastories we don’t post other people’s recordings, just our own humble efforts. So buyer beware. Click anyhow.

OK. It’s a sad song. I know. I know. You’re saying that you needed a happy song. Something to cheer you up. But I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry is a beautifully sad song. The wonderfully poetic lyrics and the force of Hank’s simple melody, create something beautiful. And beauty always brings good cheer. So if you haven’t heard Hank Williams yet, or lately, check him out.

OK, here’s another sad one we sung last nite. Oh no! Another sad one!  It’s an old song, of unknown authorship. Unknown at least to me. The St. James Infirmary Blues is awfully, awfully sad, but shucks, it’s fun to sing..

One more song? OK. It’s a cheerful one: Fats Domino’s Ready and Willing and Able to Rock and Roll All Night. imagesimages

…….And wishing you all a pleasant evening