One of the great songs. Also known as Down By The Riverside, or Study War No Mo’, it’s been sung for close to two hundred years. Neither me, myself, Bumba, or Maybank, had played it in ages, but we remembered it right away. It’s a sing-along of course. Join in.

Ain’t Gonna Study War No More is a folk song, a traditional song with a long history, with many versions, lyrics and verses over the generations. Ain’t Gonna Study War No More was first BrownieMcGheeandSonnyTerryrecorded early in 1918, and was published in Plantation Melodies: A Collection of Modern, Popular and Old-time Negro-Songs of the Southland. The song dates back from before the Civil War, first sung by slaves. The song, which has been recorded by all the great singers, and has been sung by millions of people over the world brings a message of hope and redemption, and for freedom for all peoples.