Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year with just 28 days. Well… sometimes 29. You know…. every four years there’s a leap year – except for every even numbered century year, when the leap year is omitted – in accordance with a 13th century Papal order! In order to keep the Easter holiday in line with the seasons. Easter Sunday has to be the first Sunday after the first new moon of spring. Without this arbitrary determination and need for an accurate calendar, the science of astronomy might never have flourished, Copernicus and Kepler might have ended up as unemployed math teachers, and February……


images-6Talking about unemployed math teachers, here’s a link to an older post about the two: It Takes Two to Tango, February being the second month of the year, it’s a time for reflection, well not too much, and a time to learn some maths!


George Packard Rides Again (On the bus, of course)

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories Magazine sat on the #20 bus. George was setting out in search of a story. img_2813George was covering the Beverly Hills beat. The paparazzi and all the others were working Canon Drive and Rodeo, but George had his sights set on the Beverly Hills Library. And then maybe the park. George figured that while he was out there looking for scoops and news stories, he might as well enjoy himself.

A similar approach, considered George, might be applied to the search for inspiration, epiphanies, and the various affairs of the spirit. “Let them come. No sense chasing after them. When they come, I’ll be ready.”

Perhaps George was musing too much. Perhaps he had grown weary of the world of politics, and the incessant deluge of Breaking News and Trump coverage. Perhaps George was becoming a bit too whimsical. “Never mind,” said George, “I think I’ll go to the beach today.”



Leonard Cohen Tribute

images-2Leonard Cohen, 1934- 2016, wrote a number of great songs. The power of the lyrics just sweeps and carries you though some of them. So Long, Marianne is one of my favorites. Maybank and I were playing it the other day.

Please sing along


Please see attached playlist. It’s a CD I made to accompany my two book set titled, respectively, One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles and The Phantom Speaks or More in the Lives of Chester Knowles. IMG_1097The ebooks are available for 99 cents on Amazon! The CD is available for free here. Chester’s Songs features ten songs performed by the author, that’s me. All the songs are mentioned in the books, so it all kind of fits together and makes sense. If you play your cards right and make a solemn vow to review the books on Amazon or Goodreads, the books will be sent to you for free!


Here’s an addition to the St. James Infimary Compendium.

And one for the Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out Compendium


Happy February to everyone and hang in there!