As I Sat on the Bus (Compendium)img_2813

On Pride and Prejudice

Winfred Alexander completed the Thursday Sudoko on the bus. Thursday’s are usually hard ones, so Winfred felt a bit pleased… nay, he felt proud of himself. A bit chipper even, almost smug. Winfred then felt ashamed of himself to be feeling so proud, especially about a Sudoko puzzle. Winfred paused to consider the subject of pride. The bus paused at a traffic light. Winfred had long been striving to eliminate – or at least to significntly reduce – his own feelings of pride. True, Plato had lauded pride as the capstone of a man of virtue. Also, it was true that many people needed to feel proud of their selves, to build and strengthen their self-images. But generally, pride was not a good thing, considered Winfred. It’s ego. And all those ego games, self-justifications. It wastes valuable time. All that preening and strutting. As Winfred pondered further about the pitfalls of pride, as the bus edged along Wilshire Blvd, Wilfred noticed that his own feelings of self-pride were long gone. Thank goodness. He also noticed that self-pride is almost an oxymoron.

Speaking of morons, here’s a link to Bumba’s other blog, Moron Writing.

Right now, the blog is zooming in on a poor, struggling young writer named Justin or Jason Mustardseed. Actually, in the latest installment of Moron Writing, Justin, realizes that he probably wouldn’t sell too many books with the name Mustardseed, so has decided to change his name to JAM (Justin’s middle name is Alan). Click on the link here for Moron Writing.