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The Semi-Annual March Magazine

img_1342imageHappy March. Happy Spring. And don’t worry, spring is coming. Spring comes every year, no matter who’s president. Time marches on. And talking about marches, don’t forget March Madness, the March of the Penguins, the March of Dimes, Frederick March, the March Hare, and Ellington’s Don’t Get Around March Anymore. 

March being the third month, we at Bumbastories want to salute the three.

Ah! The Three! The Triad, the Triangle, the Holy Trinity! The Three Graces! Everybody loves the three. Quick, pick a number from 1 to 4. Betcha you picked the three.

Our language(s), our stories and folklore, are full of associations with the three. We all know that you get three wishes. There were three little pigs, three bears, Three Musketeers, Three Coins in a Fountain, Three Blind Mice, Three Faces of Eve, Three Men and a Baby. Yikes! We’re obsessed with the three! Three’s the charm!

The Two (the number two, the concept of duality) splits unity (the One) into our world of opposites: the dialectic: yin and yang, life and death, being and non-being, Abbott and Costello.

The three complements the picture. Forget who’s on first and what’s on second. Three, three dimensions, makes things more interesting – that is, if you can manage a trois (sorry).

Connect two points and you have a line. How ’bout that? Connect three points and you define a plane. Huh? There’s interplay between three points, three people, three forces. Therapists talk about the process of triangulation: between the patient, the therapist, and God. Seems to me that if you have a connection with God, why bother with the therapist?

The vesica piscis – formed by the intersection of the two circles –  generates the equilateral triangle. We  were introduced to the triangle in geometry class. Remember? Congruent triangles, similar triangles, isoscoles, and right angle ones? The triangle is the cornerstone of trigonometrimagey – and the main character in Euclid’s plane geometry, which has provided scientists and the rest of us with the template for logic – a system where you need to prove things before you think they’re true!

On that note, and watching out for those tricky Ides in the middle of the month, let us conclude by wishing one and all a pleasant month of March. And a Happy Spring full of Grace – all three of ’em.



11 thoughts on “The Semi-Annual March Magazine

  1. 3 cheers to you, my friend! 🙂 Happy Spring to you and well, we can always choose to stay home on the 15th! 😉
    ps I’m glad you added Botticelli: “Primavera” – did you know he’s also a March child?

  2. You threw Ides in right at the end, I was confident of getting that one, I’ll throw in MacBeth’s three witches though and those holes in a bowling ball. A rhyme just came to mind for those finishing runner’s up in a race at school, it was quite bizarre in the that first’s the worst, second’s the best and third’s the dirty donkey. Odd but still amusing.

    1. Well, I’ll be a donkey’s a…plenty more threes. I wish I’d thought of the bowling ball. And to provide a baseball reference, three strikes and you’re out!

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