Maybe it wasn’t the most clever idea, but I self-recorded soundtrack albums to accompany my novels. I noticed that my first novel, Up in the Bronx mentioned several Ellington numbers, so I recorded my own modest attempts. Following a passage where the protagonist (a thinly veiled version of myself?) is writing a song called Sweet Dreams and Happiness, I recorded that one too. Eventually, I recorded some other songs mentioned in the book, and came up with a CD called Up in the Bronx and Down in LA.

My second novel, One Life or the Lives of Chester Knowles and its sequel The Phantom Speaks or More in the Lives of Chester Knowles also earned its own CD, called Chester’s Songs. Here’s a link to the playlist, which is on Soundcloud. The books are available on Amazon, or via Bumba Books. The ebooks cost just 99 cents, so I hope people will read (and listen) to them and spread the news around.