All of Me, written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons back in 1931, and sung by all the greats….. I know. I know. John Legend also has a song titled All of Me – which is also a real good one. But I’m talking about the old All of Me, written as I said back in 1931. It’s just a great song. Last post I talked about the little soundtrack albums I recorded to accompany my novels. In the first album, the Up in the Bronx and Down in LA one, however, I omitted one song that is mentioned in the book twice. That’s right! All of Me. A serious omission! But not because I didn’t love the song. It was because I felt I couldn’t play it well enough. Although that is definitely still the case, here’s me and Maybank giving the song another go anyhow. It’s coming along, but still a “work in progress” – a designation I’m kinda getting used to!