Where would we be without the benefits of science? Without technology, without our phones, our cars, our electric lights? We’d be back in the Dark Ages. Well, perhaps we might be better off with primitive, medieval lifestyles. Less pollution, more whole grains. But there’d be fewer of us, a lot fewer, and most of us would be serfs or slaves, and we wouldn’t have no movies to watch. No ice cream either, which, on a personal level, puts me back on my Luddite heels because, I must confess, I enjoy ice cream a lot. Well, it doesn’t matter what coulda, shoulda been. Because we’re here right now in the here and now in this scary, weird, digitallized, globalized era. And there’s no turning back. We need science. The economy needs science to thrive. The current resistance to science that we see in our “elected” leaders is pitiful. Nearly an entire political party in America denies climate research and mindlessly rejects the theory of evolution. We as a species need to be smarter if we don’t want to totally mess up this wonderful little planet. It’s the only habitable planet this side of Jupiter for us humans – and for all the other plants and animals whose fate also hangs in the balance.