Wow! This is going to be more fun than the Watergate hearings! I was not a big fan of Richard Nixon, so, at least for me, the Watergate hearings were tremendous fun. Great TV viewing. This impeachment promises to be even more fun. Trump has even been kind, or dumb, enough to tell everyone that he may have recorded some Oval Office conversations with Comey! What a clever little negotiator to blurt out the cards in his hand. Great. Let’s hear those tapes. And let’s hear those FBI tapes of the Russian ambassador. We’ know that the FBI still has all of those tapes. Did they talk about removing sanctions? Was money discussed on any of the tapes? (OK, OK. We at Bumbastories, the entire Bumbastories staff are well aware that we are rushing things a bit. We will have to wait for the various investigations to proceed at their own, slow, bureaucratic pace. We are also aware that the recordings aren’t recorded on real (or reel, sorry) tapes; we are using the word tapes in the generic sense). Anyhow, let’s just subpoena the recordings and get this over with. Put ’em on a couple of flash drives, and send ’em over to the Senate Judicial Committee. And, hey, put them on TV as soon as possible, ’cause we (the people) just can’t wait to hear ’em. I think maybe soon, somebody with a funny wig whose name I’ll betcha is mentioned a lot on the tapes, will be leaving town on a rail.