To run someone out of town on a rail is an old-fashioned phrase that refers to the “act of literally carrying someone perched uncomfortably on a rail to a point outside of the city limits”. One could also envision simply escorting some undesirable character onto a fast train leaving town – say some phony snake oil salesman or, peradventure, a discredited President.

So here’s a snappy train song (played by Maybank and Bumba last nite) to inspire Special Prosecutor Mueller and the U.S. Congress to continue their investigations into the Trump-Russia collusion and into Trump’s various obstructions of justice.

It’s the Orange Blossum Special an old country song, a fiddler’s showpiece (in this case a harmonica showpiece). “Gonna take that Orange Blossum Special/Lose these New York blues”


Just keep investigating, guys. I’ll bet there’s a heap of smoking guns to be found (Maybe under those tax returns.) And let’s hear those tapes! Let’s run somebody (some conniver with an orange wig) out of town on on a rail!