The Every Day Another Story blog aka Bumbastories confesses to a certain insincerity as pertains to its title Every Day Another Story. Obviously we don’t post a story every day. We furthermore confess to feeling no particular sense of guilt about it. Truth be told, we’re simply too lazy to go about changing the name and the header and all that. In fact, a deep-rooted and fundamentally slothful nature is characteristic of the entire Bumbastories staff. As indicated above, this laziness is only compounded by a corresponding lack of shame. Anyhoo, this post will feature just some songs that Maybank and Bumba have been working on. Tough.
Perhaps it’s the political climate, but Maybank and Bumba seem to have been playing sad songs of late. But, as Elton John and Bernie Taupin once said: “Sad songs mean so much”. It’s true that an awful lot of the really great songs are sad ones. Click and/or sing along if you dare. The choice is yours. First is Love in Vain, the Robert Johnson classic popularized by the Stones.

And Here’s the great Hank Williams classic I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

And here’s Stormy Weather, the Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler 1933 jazz classic, sung and played quite sweetly by Mr. Maybank, I may add.

On Sadness

What can you say? There’s a lot of sadness in this world. The American Declaration of Independence declares the “pursuit of happiness” as a right. The Upanishads says “All is Sorrow”. To quote the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, “Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your friends?”

From a scientific perspective, it’s quite a lucky break for the atoms that compose us to be so fortuitously (or miraculously if you like) assembled at this point of time on this big, beautiful, blue planet earth. We (our atoms) could just as well be inside the super-hot plasma of some star – inside a thermonuclear furnace where indeed 99% all the matter of our solar system is located! From that perspective we then have to consider that we were put here as human beings and not as scorpions or cockroaches, or seaweed. Anywaze, we’re pretty lucky to be here. That’s all I can say.