August Magazine Supplement: The Hollywood Report

Here’s a Kinks song about Hollywood Blvd that Maybank and Bumba – as Angelinos and/or as displaced New Yorkers – love to play. And to which we almost know all the words! I left out a verse on this one. I figured I didn’t want to make the song any verse. Still, Celluloid Heroes is one of Ray Davies’ finest songs, and a good one to sing along with.

George Packard Reports from Hollywood

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories Magazine, was assigned the Hollywood beat for the month of August. As a roving reporter, George never cared much for the Hollywood beat. Years back, a crusty old Hollywood resident, a displaced New Yorker of course, lamented to George that “Hollywood ain’t what it used to be……And it never was”.

As George drove down Vine Street he noted a number of new bars and restaurants. Over a decade ago, City planners had designated Hollywood for renovation, which meant that a lot of money had been invested. Nevertheless, the streets were full of potholes, litter, and seedy hustlers. George Packard wondered why Hollywood had to be so unkempt, and sleazy.

Even though George lived in Los Angeles, and even though he was an official roving reporter for Bumbastories magazine, George seldom went to Hollywood. The bright lights did not call to him. The architecture held some appeal, though. George had to concede that a number of the old buildings were quite interesting. But what puzzled and flummoxed, and downright discombobulated ol’ George Packard was the power and lure of the Hollywood mystique. George could never comprehend the fascination that so gripped so many people concerning the Hollywood stars and all their supposed glamor. The idolization, the vicarious excitement! George just could never see how people could be so interested in all that nonsense. But the power of the silver screen was undeniable. It was Hollywood magic. Look at all them tourists!

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