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JAM found an empty seat along the wall of the Starbucks. It had been weeks, nay months, since JAM had even tried to write.

“I’ll just write! Whatever I write, that’s what I write. It is what it is,” said JAM to himself.

“The main thing is that I write. Actually, I can submit whatever I write, no matter how crummy it is, to the More on Writing Blog. They print anything! They have a very easy editor. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do,” Jason, er JAM, said to himself.

The part of Jason, er JAM, that was listening to the above pep-talk voice, immediately set his finest black-ink Scripto pen to a sheet of 8 ½” by 11″ paper – which had been folded to create four 8½ by  5½ pages. A Quadrille Folio!


Ah, the Quadrille!

A dance of words

To skip over the stones


Cascading waters

In their deafening rush



Part II of the Quadrille

The greenery of life

The blood in the veins of the beast

The hunt and then the forgiveness

The sadness living on


Part II of Part II of the Quadrille


Glory to the Living God! …..

“Wait a minute!” interjected JAM. “Am I getting religious?”

“And what religion is that anyway?” Justin, er JAM, further asked himself. JAM wondered how he could be interjecting and interrupting his own thoughts. How is that possible?

Jason, er JAM, then wondered whether he would ever have answers to the big questions of life.

“Er…I don’t think so,” said a voice from within Jason.



The triangle: Joe, Mary, and the Good Lord.

When the Spirit is reached and shared by two people

When both reach “up” to the Lord

A three-way, spiritually-enriched communication is constructed

Triangulation is achieved

So stated a psychology book JAM picked up at the library. Jason, er JAM, was frankly mystified by this triangulation business; it was a concept he had already studied in psychology class. It was confusing, though. The word triangulation had too many meanings! Furthermore, the supposed stability of the triangle did not appeal to him. JAM did not want to feel enclosed in any triangle. He wanted to be free; he wanted to reach further.

While JAM pondered the nuances of therapeutic communication configurations, a pretty woman who had been sitting at the table alongside him rose from her seat and walked out of the Starbucks. Jason sighed. He wondered about his future. What if that woman had been the one who would’ve changed his life? And why did he want to change his life anyway? And what did he want to change his life to? Boy, oh boy. A writer’s life is a hard one, thought JAM.



Jason, er JAM, did not have a fourth page ready. He decided to send this albeit incomplete Quadrille to the More On Writing blog, and see if they would publish it anyway.

5 thoughts on “Moron Writing 

  1. Jason, er JAM is quite a talented fellow. within 3 pages or more, he had clearly portrayed how confused he is – most minions are merely confused. There is no clarity in their portrayal. In this regards, Jason, er JAM is well on the way to achieving fame as a writer. He will probably win the first Ahem Award for Literary Achoos!

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