Here’s to Pete!

Pete Seeger, the late, great singer and icon of American and world folk music was an inspiration to me and to millions of folks around the globe. We’ve spoken about Pete before, so I won’t start singing his praises yet again. But I will sing two songs for Pete. And, naturally, we’re hoping you’ll sing along. First, here’s

Oh Had I A Golden Thread a song Pete wrote and used as his theme song on that 1960’s TV show he did for Public TV, and which encapsulates his mission and idealistic spirit.

And then, here’s John Henry, the traditional blues song that Pete said was his favorite song to play.

The story of John Henry is a magnificent one. Like all folk legends, it is rooted very loosely in fact. Since it tells of a man, a powerful African American working man, who stood up to the system, who heroically challenged the machine (and won!), the song still rings true today. Just like John Henry’s hammer.

P.S. I just saw a fine post on Pete Seeger. H re is the link

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