Bi-Centennial November Magazine

The Bumbastories editorial staff were hard pressed to come up with anything new for this special Bi-Centennial November Magazine. All they could think of was Dump Trump.

“What!” screamed Bumba, “Are we going to say to Dump Trump again? Is that all this magazine can do? Just say Dump Trump all the time?”

On second thought, he continued. “Well, why not? Why not? It’s a necessity: DUMP TRUMP”.

Maybe the Mueller investigation will start to share its findings. That should certainly liven things up a bit.”

The Bumbastories staff has their fingers crossed, as well as their legs and several other body parts crossed, and it seems that overall the staff is in some jangled and some quite interestingly tangled positions. In any case, we still want to salute the number eleven, November being the eleventh month and all. Officially, eleven doesn’t count as a numeral. Eleven is not a numeral. In our Bumbastories March Through the Numbers we should draw the line at the nine or maybe the ten. Anyhow, 11 is composed of two numerals. But heck, the eleven is cool, and it’s November, and it’s a re-post anyway, and re-posting is legal in the magazine world.

ELEVEN images-8

Onze, 11. A fine number. A prime. Composed of two numerals, two 1’s. Side by side. Mathematically, the eleven is not particulary interesting, not useful in constructing things. Nothing in nature uses eleven-fold symmetry if I’m not mistaken. But we humans have a certain liking for the eleven. We do. Eleven connotes a certain solidity, dominance, or power. Eleven, which is derived in English from “one lef” or “one left over after the ten” appears surprisingly frequently in our languages and in our various cultures. The 7-11 convenience store network comes to mind. And I wish it didn’t (but that’s probably because I drove past like eleven of them yesterday).

The Statue of Liberty stands on Bedloe Island in N.Y harbor on what was  originally an eleven-pointed island. Long may she stand.

Football is played with 11 men. Likewise cricket. Did I mention the 7-11 convenience store? I have to go there later. There’s the 11 O’Clock News,  Apollo 11, and Remembrance Day, Poppy Dayimages-6, and Veterans’ Day – which are commemorated on 11/11, as World War I ended on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month back in 1918. May the memory of those millions who died in WWI be blessed. Looking back at history, we can see that WWI was avoidable. All those soldiers didn’t have to die. May all the fallen soldiers in all the wars rest in peace. And let us always strive to avoid wars and to seek peace in the future.

The lowest point on the globe, the Marina trench in the Pacific, is 11 km deep, which is deeper than Mt. Everest is high. Back to the eleven. The Canadian dollar coin and the Indian two-rupee coin are eleven sided. OK, I’ll stop. It’s the eleventh hour, and I still have to get down to the 7-11.





Yet another entry into the ST. JAMES INFIRMARY Compendium by Maybank and Bumba.


Happy November. And long live the Blues, long live Country Music, and long live Democracy!

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