Hurray for the Los Angeles City Council, which yesterday voted to divest some of its business from Wells Fargo Bank. The banking giant, which has recently been convicted of massive consumer fraud, also backs the Keystone pipeline. We need another pipeline like a hole in the head. The petroleum market is glutted. Our lands mined and gutted enough.

Thanks to conservation and alternative energy sources, fossil fuels are now less profitable; the pipeline is only being pushed through (illegally) because the Koch brothers are heavily invested in it. Such is their power. Such is our situation. However, we, the people of Los Angeles, did chose to divest from Wells Fargo – at least a little bit. A big thank you to Councilman Kortez and the City Council for this significant first step. Thank you to the American Indian Movement and the people of Standing Rock who are helping to lead the battle to save our environment from the insidious greed of the banks and oil interests. Divest from fossil fuels! We at Bumbastories stand with Standing Rock.

10 thoughts on “Divest!

  1. I’m so embarrassed that the Keystone oil comes from Canada. We would never do a project like that now, under Trudeau. It is a disgusting blight on our country that has destroyed much of our indigenous peoples’ and animals land. However, it was a project of our last PM, who couldn’t care less about the environment. Now, we are stuck with it! I was heartbroken when the last PM re-instated the Baby Seal hunt. It’s so cruel and gross.
    Best to you & YES, Divest from fossil fuels!

  2. Fantastic news, a blow to the corrupt business people and hopefully a beginning to the ceasing of other such practises. The sooner businesses and governments fully back alternative sources of energy (unlike the token efforts most seem to do), the better it will be for all.

    1. The city is divesting a tiny bit from the bank mostly due to the banks’ improper loan practices. The pipeline was not the reason. Still, it’s a first step and we liberals have to celebrate whatever we can. Divest from fossil fuels!

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