What? Another As I Sat On The Bus piece?



As JAM sat on the bus, he thought long and hard about how to proceed with his writing career, which as we know, was off to something of a slow start. But now, JAM realized, as the bus stopped, his writing career was in a definite downward spiral. Firstly, he hadn’t published anything. Well, that’s not so bad, he thought. But neither had he written anything for months! Yikes! JAM decided he would put up a couple of his short pieces on the Bumbastories More on Writing from a Moron Writing blog. Really stupid title, but at least they publish anything, chuckled JAM to himself on the bus, somewhat reassured. Actually, it’s not like my stuff is like really getting published or released or anything, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll get me to write more. Which is the main thing, ain’t it?

So figured JAM (AKA Jason Mustardseed) as he sat on the bus.

Note from the Editor:

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