“Every cloud has a silver lining”. You hear that one all the time. What they generally fail to mention is the correlate: Every silver lining has a cloud. Yikes. Politically, the silver lining is that the women’s movement and  civil rights movement have been woken up by Donald Trump. People are becoming more involved and active in politics…. The cloud is that we still have Trump. We need to clear the atmosphere of Trump. Dump Trump!

Here’s a short story about “making lemonade out of lemons”, and also a song called Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, which I hope some of you may know, and which does not refer to my girlfriend’s breakfast baguette.

Lemonade From Lemons

“I made lemonade from lemons. That’s what I do. I take lemons and I turn them into lemonade,” boasted the large, corpulent guy sitting next to me on the flight to L.A. The guy had been a pitcher, almost a major leaguer, a highly touted prospect in the Dodger’s organization, when he was struck down by a career-ending injury.

“So, you never made it to the majors?” I asked.

“Nope. No, I didn’t. Never did. So….” And here he paused.

“What I did is I took lemons and I turned them into lemonade.”

The brave fellow had taken some of the bonus money, plus some of the contacts he’d made as a ballplayer, and started an insurance business. He’d had a very successful career. He’d set up his sons in the business. everything was honky-dory. He was headed to L.A. for some family stuff. Nice guy. Told me all about the insurance business, the benefits of different kinds of policies. Nice guy. Never tried to sell any insurance to me, which was a pleasant surprise. He was a nice guy. a pitcher.

The unconditional awe I reserve for major league baseball players is rooted in my childhood. It’s almost a spiritual thing. Anyway, here’s to the glory of baseball. And basketball too, while we’re at it.