Contrary to the wisdom of the great American statesman and bon vivant, Alfred E. Newman who said “What, me worry?”, we at Bumbastorie are suffering from a high level of concernOK, we’re worried. Worried that the American people will not take mass action to impeach this President. We need to get the democratic reform process going before it’s too late! When Mueller’s report comes out, we will have to see a massive outpouring of decent citizens coming out onto the streets in all states throughout the country demanding his removal from power. Sometimes, we at Bumbastories worry that that response will not occur. So far, the mass demonstrations have not been happening often enough. Especially lately. Maybe everyone is just waiting on Robert Mueller. So, OK, be ready to demonstrate. Personally, I have faith in the American people. So, in the words of the great Afred E.

here’s a Worried Man Blues to sing along with