St. James Infirmary and House of the Rising Sun, two of the greatest of American folksongs. Both “happen” to come from that great city at the great delta of the Mississippi River, New Orleans. The mingling of different cultures seems to create good things. How ‘bout that? So here’s to the city of New Orleans.
Reader, be warned! Both these songs are dirges, so be careful. Why so many wonderful songs are so sad, well, that’s another question. Personally, I’m just hoping you will sing along.

 I’ve written about both of these songs before on the blog. Check out the Compendia listings in the header if you’re interested. Anyway, Maybank and I like to play them, and if you never heard these songs before, check out Louis Armstrong’s rendition of St James Infirmary. BTW, Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans on July 4, 1900.

And I’ll throw in here a song of my own composition, also a tribute to that proud city on the edge of a sandy embankment. nola122015nola11214nola10213