Another Bumbastories Bi-Millennial July Magazine

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Bumba,

What??? What’s this? No July Magazine??? What’s up? Huh?? You may or may not realize it, Bumba, but these Bumbastories monthly posts – not to mention those The Numbers Game Is Here: Mathematics for Dummies math things – were my favorite thing on your blog. In fact, to tell you the truth, they were the only thing on your blog that were of any interest at all!


Concerned Citizen


To whom it may concern,

OK. You asked for it. The following is a re-post, so if you never read it before, then it shouldn’t matter. And if you have read it before, well, that shouldn’t matter too much either.


Bumbastories continues its walk through the numbers.  Let’s deal today with the seven. Lucky Seven.


Mathematically, the seven doesn’t seem very promising A regular seven sided heptagon or septagon is hard to construct, doesn’t tesselate, and doesn’t appear to be particularly useful mathematically. Nonetheless the seven is significant to our psyches. It pops up incessantly in our language.

To wit:

Seven Seas, Seven Samurai, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the Seven Fates, Seven Furies, The Dance of the Seven Veils (OK, we’ll drop it there). The 7-Eleven Convenience Store comes to mind (and I wish it  wouldn’t). And then there’s the  7-Up logo. I always liked 7-Up, although ginger ale tastes better. And then those sevens on a slot machine – 777 – a sight, I must add on a very sorry note, that I’ve seen on rare occasions only.

The seven is holy in the Jewish tradition as well as in other traditions, as it combines the wordly 4 with the divine 3.  The seven is 6 (the perfect number) plus one (unity). The Shabbat, of course, comes on the seventh day.

Rolling the dice, the seven comes up 1/6 of the time. You can either bet on the seven or “crap out”.

There are seven days in a week. Seven years in a Shabbaton or Sabbatical. After seven years professors, lucky stiffs, get a year off, a Shabbaton. Even the farmers’ fields must lie fallow and replenish themselves every seven years. (Hey, maybe that’s where all those professors are hanging out. I hear some of them are outstanding men in their field).

Movie titles seem obsessed with the number seven.

There’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (as mentioned). There’s The Seven Year Itch (one of my all-time favorites!), There’s Seven Days in May (Burt Lancaster’s in that one), as well as a movie called Seven (a dud as I remember it). There’s Seven Years in Tibet, The Seventh Seal,  Seven Pounds, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Seven Samurai, and there’s even one called Seven Psychopaths, which is probably not a musical. Did I mention Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

And did I mention the Seven Deadly Sins? I didn’t? OK, I’ll enumerate:

There’s Lust, Sloth, Avarice, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, and Envy.

Enough to keep a guy busy seven days a week! It was the clerics of the Dark Ages who came up with this elegant seven-fold conception of morality. You can only imagine how some of those guys were spending their week. Anyhow, when it comes to sins, why only seven? What is it about the number seven?

There were the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. There are seven notes in the scale, Seven Chakras.

Mickey Mantle wore Number 7. Then there’s 007…..Bond, James Bond.

And wasn’t James Bond one lucky son of a gun to be in all those James Bond movies?

Lucky 7


17 thoughts on “Another Bumbastories Bi-Millennial July Magazine

  1. Seventh son of a seventh son is especially lucky on 14th & 49th birthdays. – Hoodoo Man’s Almanac

  2. Interesting but…there’s no seven on a normal die (the plural is ‘dice’, not the singular) and the film Se7en didn’t flop but, ironically, was the seventh highest grossing film of that year and won several awards. It was named after the seven deadly sins of which you spoke…

    1. There are two movie versions of Bedazzled that comically personify the seven deadly sins and selling your soul to the devil. They’re both very funny.

  3. 7 is a lucky number – but then so is three – oh and 5 and 6 and 1 can often be lucky – oh well!!
    Never mind – 7 and 7 is Love

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