The Bumbastories July Bi-Centennial Dump Trump Already Magazine

Dump Trump!

I started this post late in June, but felt it was too optimistic, so didn’t post it. But I’m posting it now. Turns out I may have been right.


Dump Trump!

July, the seventh month of the year will mark the beginning of the end of the Trump regime! How do you like them apples? The  Bumbastories Magazine staff is going out on a limb and predicting that the impeachment process will begin this month, and that’s because July is the seventh month – and seven is a lucky number- and for gosh sakes, we gotta get lucky already!

Yes, impeachment is around the corner. Toward that end, the Dump Trump movement vows to not get all hung up over his latest remarks and actions. We vow just to get rid of him. He’s committed enough high crimes already, and he’s done enough harm to the country already. To maintain the democracy, to maintain the rule of law, Congress and the Judicial system need to do their job. We, the people, have to make sure they function. There’s lots to do. It won’t be easy. First we have to get rid of Trump, and then we have to somehow repair the electoral system. Just a few tweaks – actually it’s quite a goodly number of tweaks! – and America will be just fine. And, to be realistic, it may not happen in July. It may take until August or September!

Happy Summer! And Happy Sevens!

So, here’s to working for democratic reform. Here’s to getting out on the streets for progressive causes. And here’s to getting out on the street immediately once this Mueller investigation comes to a head. Millions of people will have to be demonstrating.

Here’s to campaigning for progressive candidates whenever you can. Here’s to making sure you vote. Here’s to convincing one or more other persons to vote (which doubles or triples your voting impact, right?). Here’s to demonstrating and making our voices heard.


17 thoughts on “The Bumbastories July Bi-Centennial Dump Trump Already Magazine

  1. I would have thought that the way to dump Trump in a democracy would be to vote him out. Perhaps if people stopped complaining and got off their collective duffs and voted there might be a chance.
    I don’t care for or trust politicians. Slick salesmen all. Promise everything before they are elected.. And we fall for them every time. Trump may be crass but he is doing his best to work through his promises.

    1. They aren’t ALL slick salesmen. You’re right he needs to be voted out. Or impeached by majority in Congress, two thirds in Senate. Crass is OK in locker room, but harmful in diplomacy and also in real life.

      1. I’m sorry, Bumba, I didn’t mean that Trump needs to be voted out, only that in a democracy it should be left to each voter to decide. That’s why I’m in favour of compulsory voting. Many more people are complaining about Trump now who were too busy to vote on the day.

        You have more faith in politicians than I do. If they’ve got good script writers they may sound like us, but they are a species on their own.I prefer to judge them individually – by their actions. But sometimes their words will trip them up. Yes, Trump trips over himself so often that it’s easy to miss what he’s doing for the economy and jobs.
        I find it amazing that when he was in office some of Obama’s open mic slips were overlooked. You might want to check you tubes ‘Obama open mic slip: after my election I have more flexibility.’

  2. Question is where do the good candidates come from, the Democrats have demonstrated how bad they are, it needs a kick up the arse with a third party gaining traction. It looks like UKIP are gaining traction in Britain again but this time it seems that they could make a proper dent but I don’t know enough about politics outside the big two parties.

    1. In US, the electoral laws typically discourage third parties. The media too likes to make a two man race of everything. In 2016, it looked like both big parties were at the end of the line. But they have some strong inertial strength. Hard to get rid of them.

      1. All the energy put into getting rid of Trump, which seems extremely unlikely would do better at sending a message that both parties are shambles and new blood is needed. The rise (or re-rise) of UKIP in the UK is mostly down to the ridiculous handling of Brexit and the lack of free speech, it will be interesting to see how that goes in the next few years.

        1. Like I say, I’m not too optimistic that third or fourth parties have a practical chance. A bit better opportunity in the UK for third parties, but not much better. Young people have to get more involved.

        2. Fair enough. The students at the time of Brexit were very vocal but when it came to it, didn’t even bother to vote. I think if the UK keeps going down the route it is on, a third party with a chance of winning will become more imminent.

    1. Problem is we become passive observers. We need to be active and make OUR government work. July is off to a good start. Keep the faith!

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