Welcome to October, the tenth month, the beautiful Autumn month in our beautiful northern hemisphere. October is likewise the beautiful Spring month in the beautiful Southern Hemisphere -where I heard everybody walks around upside down. I suppose they get used to it after a bit. But just like in August, we again have a month named after that Octavius/Augustus guy! Gee whiz. It’s a tough life. But what can you expect? It’s because we use the Gregorian/Julian calendar, which is named after Julius Caesar, the head honcho himself, the guy that terminated Roman democracy, and who got that whole Roman empire thing started. Glorious Caesar. Hail Caesar! Yikes. What heroes! What history! Yikes again.

I confess I don’t know much about Caesar except that they named a salad after him. I have no idea what they named the salad before him, unless it was appetizers. I confess that most of what I know about Roman emperors (and nearly everything else) comes from movies, most of which were based on Shakespeare’s plays, which in turn were based on very little. The Robert Graves I, Claudius books and the wonderful BBC series come to mind (Yeah, the BBC used to do some tremendous stuff, not to mention the scholarly Robert Graves, who was a tremendous writer too). Anyhow, regarding old Octavius, I can’t say I know much at all. So I won’t say anything. Sorry.

Regarding the number 10 (October is the tenth month. Don’t forget this is the October Magazine), the magnificent Pele wore number ten.

Ten completes the number count. After ten the same numerals are used again. Again and again – and in groups of ten! It’s our decimal system! Over the years, different cultures have used a variety of counting systems – the twenty, and the sixty work just fine. The ten is not the only way to do it. Computers count by twos, the binary system. But counting by tens is the predominant system. After all, we humans have ten fingers, so it’s kind of a natural – unless you enjoy taking off your shoes all the time. Logarithms are expressed in powers of ten. The decimal number system seems to work pretty good. It’s taken us to the moons of Saturn. Now wasn’t/isn’t that something amazing? All by using a base-ten number system. The math and the science go hand in hand, and take us to some beautiful places.

Anyway, getting back to Pele, I did see Pele play at Randall’s Island when he came out of retirement to play with the New York Cosmos. Pele scored a goal, a header, that night. He had already lost much of his speed, but he was still a superior player, clearly the best on the field.

Speaking of sports, October used to be the time of the World Series, but now we have the division playoffs – which usually are terrific. Personally, I’m looking forward to some excellent baseball. Baseball, of course, respects the nine. Nine innings, nine players. Ten in baseball would be extra innings.

Ten years ago on a cold dark night

Someone was killed ‘neath the town hall light

Thus begins one of Maybanks’ and Bumba’s favorite songs. As you can see the first word of the song is ten. So, there you go.

OK. More about the ten. A regular ten-sided figure is a decagon. To inscribe a regular decagon in a circle, the golden proportion is used.


The tetractys, the triangle of ten formed by the first 4 numbers, was considered holy by the Pythagoreans. Numbers were sacred to them, since whole numbers, they thought and fervently believed, could describe everything under Creation. Everything, that’s to say the underlying reality that underlies the physical world, Pythagoras said, was numbers and the “rational” relationships or proportions between those numbers. Those early mathematicians and philosophers were very interesting fellows. Not clear why, but the Pythagorean Brotherhood quickly became a secret society that guarded their precious knowledge. Kinda like the Masons or Knights of Pythias, but without the fancy handshakes. Anyhow, they used the tetractys, that construction of  ten pebbles in the sand, in their swearing-in ceremony. Ten was the holy of holies for the Pythagoreans, a tradition pre-dated by the Hebrews who still enjoy ten High Holy Days (And a Happy New Year!) as well as Ten Commandments. Ten is double the five books of the Torah. The Kabbalists later lionized the ten as well. Bowlers also lionize the ten pins. It’s a pleasure to knock ’em all down, ain’t it?images-2

Not to put too rosy a cast on the ten, ten was also the number of years that poor Odysseus, brave and resourceful Odysseus, or Ulysses if you like, had to endure before returning home to Ithaca from the Trojan Wars. There were also ten plagues, don’t forget, and ten little Indians, a rascist nursery rhyme that we recited to learn our numbers when we didn’t know any better. Ten Years After was a fine blues band featuring Alvin Lee. And Elvis himself sung “Love Me Ten Dear”. Or was that “Loan Me Ten, Dear”?

Anywaze…..There’s a lot to do this October. We have to Dump Trump! Let’s get going. Happy October!