Happy New Year! Happy 2019! May the New Year bring us all good health and good tidings.

Maybe this year we can get to witness a healthy impeachment process.

That would be nice.

To see the Congress function properly.

That would be nice.

People on the streets demanding regime change.

That would be nice.

A restoration of the democratic process.

That would be really nice.

Hey. Hey.

January being the first month of the Julian calendar year, it is incumbent on this reporter to write one of those Bumbastories’ Walk thru the Numbers or Mathematics for Dummies sorts of things for the number 1.

what follows is a re-post, plus I added a song to sing along for Happy New Year’s: 

…….You see, I’ve already covered all the numerals except for the 1 and for the 0. And that’s because they are the hardest ones to discuss. The number 1, after all, is all the numbers. All the numbers are multiples of the one. One is the whole enchilada. One is the All.  And yet the One can also be divided ad infinitum into smaller pieces – which we call fractions. And One can be added again and again to itself all the way out to the infinite. There’s always room for one more.

“You only live once”, they say. And to the best of my knowledge, that is a true statement. This is it. We may fancy and ponder about other incarnations, but generally we concern ourselves with the current one. We have sensory awareness of only one universe. But it is quite possible – indeed it appears quite likely according to the astrophysicists – that there are other universes out there. Multiple universes. “Yikes!” I say. Personally, I only know of this one universe, this one earth, this one magnificent blue planet that revolves once a year around a medium-sized star (Happy New Year again) that spirals inside a medium-sized galaxy that is all the time hurtling its way through the universe at speeds hard to imagine.

Despite all this, as far as I know, you only live once.

More on the ONE

Karl Jung stated that the circle is the greatest of all the universal archetypes.

It’s hard to define a circle in words, but algebraicly it’s easily (indeed, elegantly)       expressed as:

x2 +y2=1

How ’bout’ that?

From a single point, a universe radiates


Happy New Year once again. And here’s Auld Lang Zein to sing along with if you like