“OK. You made your New Year’s resolutions. Good for you! Personally speaking, for myself, I don’t bother with no resolutions. No way. No way you’re gonna see me trotting off to the gym every morning at the crack of dawn. You know, you do that for maybe a week. Maybe two weeks. And then, gradually, you stop. You stay in bed. And then you feel lousy about yourself. And you didn’t lose any weight anyway. Goshdarnit. You feel disappointed in life. Nah, I don’t think I ever went into fooling myself  too much with too many resolutions. Ditto for all that “goals and objectives” stuff. Personal goals, career goals. At work there’s making your numbers. All that stuff. business-model stuff. As I say, all that stuff never touched me. It’s a water off a duck’s back sort of thing.”

All this by way of introducing Maybank and myself celebrating laziness and a clear rejection of the standard business model. Here’s Roll In my Sweet Baby’s Arms