You Can’t Always Get What You Want

One Stones’ song I always liked a lot was You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

But I was astounded, I was flummuxed and downright flabberbastard, when I heard the song played at the conclusion of Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. I figured it was just another of his staff’s gaffes or boners – like his wife’s cut and paste Convention speech. I mean the song says that you can’t always get what you want, and the lyrics are nasty and druggy. Not one of your usual upbeat “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”, “Happy Days Are Here Again” kind of campaign songs. What incompetent staff member cued up that record??

But no!!! It was no mistake. Obviously, candidate Trump liked the song. And he still uses it! YIKES!

Anyway, we were playing it the other night…..

18 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. Therefore, I must have just imagined your comment about the Stones selling their song to Mr Jimmy on January 09 at 9:09 AM. Foolish me.

  2. Wake up there people and pay attention to one who knows!
    The Rolling Stones DON’T OWN this song. It is OWNED 100% by ABKCO, the Allen Klein publishing company. All of The Rolling Stones songs recorded in the 1960’s for Decca Records became the property of ABKCO.
    It was not until the Rolling Stones managed to leave Klein and sign to CBS were they able to gain full control of all their publishing.

    Trump simply pays a fair use fee and plays the record. ABKCO could not care as long as they get paid.
    What Jagger/Richards think, you will never know as they never discuss such matters in the public domain.

      1. So now you know which means you can now fix the post and remove all the false conjecture.

        You do know that Trump spent most of his life as a Democrat, or did you not know that either?

        Gee, there’s some ill-advised comments on this page. Before the election the Republicans asked for a restructure of the Electoral College vote but the far too confident Democrats refused and that bad decision backfired on them.

        1. I was commenting on the strange choice of this dark, druggy rock song for a campaign song, not on the licensing or ownership. As for the Electoral College, unfortunately neither political party has endorsed its abolition, as a constitutional amendment is required.

  3. Yes, YIKES! So… is that because trump thinks he won’t get his wall? Do we know for sure The Stones have approved this? I’m flabbergasted!!!
    Love your rendition, Bumba!

        1. Yeah, like when you hit your elbow, and there’s a sick pain beyond description.
          Then people say “you hit your funny bone!”
          I believe there is “folk wisdom” in that.

        2. Hey, we’re going to have some laughs when we see Michael Cohen and Carter Page at the coming Congressional investigations.

    1. I thought at first that the song tarnished the campaign. Impossible to tarnish something already tarnished. But yeah, it does ruin the song at this point. As for the Stones “selling their song to Mr Jimmy”, well…..

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