Hey, Democrats. Cheer up. We are going to beat Trump in his government shutdown/emergency powers maneuvers. His comfort in the mantle of the tyrant is indeed worrying. But reason will prevail this time and the government will re-open. Congress will eventually convene to investigate Russian interference in the elections, the president’s clear obstruction of justice, his possible collision with the Russians and the other various false information websites that were employed to influence the election. It’s going to be very interesting. Not to mention the release sometime in the current millenium of Robert Mueller’s report.

So don’t worry too much. It might just turn out OK. Hopefully, it will be the start of a true reform process. Be ready to roll with that blue wave.

Here’s a Worried Man Blues, recorded just last night, by me and Maybank. Sing along.

Worried Man Blues is a traditional American song, over a hundred years old. Woody Guthrie recorded it. Likewise most the other great country players and singers. I think I heard it first from Jack Elliot.