76731741I wrote this song about 45 years ago. A “true life song”, as Bill Monroe would call it. It describes an actual piece of my life. The song appears with all the lyrics written out in the second or third chapter of my obviously autobiographical, but not quite, first novel titled Up in the Bronx. 

I can’t remember why working on this song was such a significant incident or feeling to me that I thought to put it in the book. But I did. The scene shows a young Jack Isaacson sitting in his Bronx apartment having come in from the rain. And sitting down with his new Martin guitar to compose this song about his situation. When I made my soundtrack CD to the Bronx novel, I used this song plus some folk songs and a few others I composed back in the Bronx. This song, Sweet Dreams and Happiness, uses an old doo-wop progression, which to me feels like the Bronx. Maybank and I were playing it last nite, and this morning I added a simple rhythm track.

Sweet dreams and happiness/Baby don’t you fall/Go home/Go home/Pick up what’s left/I’ll meet you in the hall//All I need’s my baby when I call/All I need’s my baby when I call//Love is around the corner/So why’d ya walk all around the block?/Go on/Go on/Do what you wanna/Someday you know it’s gonna have to stop/All I need… Click to hear it. The full CD used to be available. But the book Up in the Bronx is available on Amazon