The Bumbastories’ Multi-Centennial April Magazine

Hey, it’s April! Spring is here! The robins are singing, and the bells are ringing for me and my gal. It’s time to “spring in the air and jump in the lake”, as Groucho would say. But Grouchoisms aside, and, now that I think of it, T.S. Elliottisms and his “April is the cruelest month” stuff aside too…….All these things aside, and all things considered, Spring is undoubtably the most of the seasons. If they took an opinion poll, I’m sure Spring would win hands down – at least in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, their hands would be up. Spring is a time of rebirth. Hurray. We get another go-round. Another chance to get things right. Happy New Year!

April being the fourth month, Bumbastories feels obliged, nay compelled, to acknowledge the number four. Yes, I know, we’ve talked about the four before on Bumbastories in our March Through the Numbers section, (see it in the Numbers Games is Here Category in the Header). But anywaze, here it is again: the FOUR. That’s right. Here comes a re-post. that you could click on. What for? you ask. Couldn’t we Fast Forward? Yikes! When is this four play going to stop?


Click if you like to sing along. The Sloop John B is an old Jamaican folk song. Most people know it today from the Beach Boys recording. It’s a swell song to sing. Click just for the fun of it.


Every cloud has a silver lining. The Trump Presidency may succeed in galvanizing and activating the sane citizens of the United States to political action. Although it often looks like Trump is self destructing, and that his whole phony baloney shebang will inevitably come crashing down, we the people need to make sure he doesn’t do too much harm – and that he leaves soon. And we better hurry up with organizing. Because you know what they say: every silver lining has a cloud.

Now, getting back to the four, talking about the four’s stability, and talking about our sense of “fair and square” (I’m still talking about Trump, sorry), I believe that every body wants to be treated “fair and square”. It’s a universal. Nobody likes a liar; nobody likes being cheated. We want to be treated “fair and square”. It’s very basic. One can only imagine how angry and cynical and bitterly disgruntled his supporters must be in order to somehow choose to ignore plain facts, deny evidence, and overlook all the obvious lies, gaffes, abuses and dysfunctions that are on daily Presidential display. Of course, the right wing media has long inculcated this anger and cynicism. Not teaching science doesn’t help either. Science teaches logic, critical thinking, respect for truth.


Atom: Journey Across the Subatomic Cosmos is another gem by the late, great, and amazingly prolific Isaac Asimov. It will teach you a lot of science. It’s good for you. Although written back in 1991, the book is up-to-date enough for most readers. The history of physics, starting with the early Greeks up through the quantum revolution is presented with Asimov’s characteristic ease of style. The sub-atomic particles are described at length – which is very important for those of us who don’t know quark from shinola! As for nuclear fission, fusion, and then the quantum world, Asimov, as always, explains things simply and with almost no math. He likes to provide a lot of historical context, as he traces the development of the major concepts in physics. It’s a history lesson as well as a physics one. The clarity of his language and the sincerity of his desire to teach and convey his knowlege to others is Asimov’s hallmark. Atom: Journey Across the Subatomic Cosmos is an excellent book. If it’s not in your public library, ask for it. And meantime pick up another Asimov book. It’s a near certainty that the library has at least a couple of other Asimov science books. What a writer. What a gift.


11 thoughts on “The Bumbastories’ Multi-Centennial April Magazine

  1. His histories if Science are great. He wrote dozens of them. I’ve read some of his sci fi and they’re good too. His writing is always plain and clear😊

  2. I owned, and actually read (!), The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Science. But mostly I was an avid Asimov sci fi fan… that genre in general helped me through some difficult times and gave me hope for the future. Unfortunately, the way things have twisted now, I am once again losing that hope! Where is Captain Kirk when we need him???

  3. Happy April, Stephen.

    When I think of the fourth month, the Hermetic archetypes come to mind. Those associated with Aries, the first month of the ancient year, the Emperor in Tarot with his hyper-visionary symbolism so that we gain in-sight by looking at things deeply.

    As for Drumpf, you might have already thought of fore-play. Spending millions of taxpayer dollars to fete dignitaries on the links in Palm Beach to fill his own coffers while denying refugees fleeing gassings entry to our country. I don’t think narcissists feel empathy and didn’t fall for his crocodile sentiments Friday. But the sheeple did. Nothing he does can shake their belief in his prevarications. They are too desperate for the lifeline they think he threw them in November. I feel sorry for them.

    But, I am thankful that here in SoCal, things seem to be moving forward and that will be my spring optimist’s hope that I can cling to for the next four years.

    1. Ditto. I just looked at your Diamond Four. What a wonderful post. The watercolor is a pleasure. Happy April. Passover coming up, so wishing you a good holiday and a good year.

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