Gimme Five: The Bumbastories Cinqo de Mayo Bi-Centennial May Magazine

The Bumbastories Semi-Quaternary May Magazine

Welcome to the merry month of May! Yes, it’s Spring. Everybody likes Spring, and especially they like the month of May. May is a lovely name, as are April and June for that matter. Spring months all. Female names all. Curious about its being female, and curious too that no one calls their child February, at least not very often as far as I know. January and December are also low on the popularity list. It’s the spring that we like.


Now, the name May, a variation on Maria, is a quite a pretty one, and pops up….well… like May flowers wherever you look. There’s the great Mae West (she spelled it with an e, she did). Hurray for Mae West, who said “Is that a pickle in yer pocket, or are yer glad ta see me?” And then there’s the writer and comedienne Elaine May, the psychologist Rollo May, and the geological formation Cape May, North Carolina. There’s May Britt, Mai Zetterling, Seven Days in May, and images-1Chuck Berry’s Maybelline. “Oh Maybelline, why can’t cha be true?” Not to mention, the may fly, mayhem, and the May Pole ceremonies (which I never understood, but mention just for good measure, or is it just because I may?)

Then there’s the Pilgrims’ ship the Mayflower, Mayflower Day, and May 1, May Day, (Workers of the World Unite!). And then of course, there’s Willie Mays, the Say Hey Kid. And guess what? Willie Mays’ birthday is in May. Happy Birthday, Willie! I think that’s number 86 or 87 for the Giant great. All the best to you, Willie.images

There’s the five pointed star, the Pentagon, images-2the gimme five handslap, 5 card stud, images-1the circle of fifths in music, the fifth of liquor in the bottle, and Five Corners in the Bronx. And don’t forget, that Cinqo de Mayo is the fifth day of the fifth month, so, while we’re at it, let’s raise a glass to Cinqo de Mayo. 

May, being the fifth month leads us to another discussion of the number five. I’ve already talked about the number five a number of times. See the Numbers Game Category in the Bumbastories header. Five is the most interesting and intriguing of the numbers – at least to me. Its symmetry is the most subtle. It is the framework, the nuts and bolts, of the DNA molecule. The five underlies the Golden Proportion, our sense of beauty. We can’t help but like five-fold symmetry. It’s in our genes.


So here’s to the number 5!

Musical interlude: A song that uses the word five: Five Hundred Miles to be exact. Maybank and Bumba finished a fifth of it (well, we sure were finished after that fifth) to get through this sappy, but popular folk classic. Sing along if you must.

Gimme Five! It’s May!


2 thoughts on “Gimme Five: The Bumbastories Cinqo de Mayo Bi-Centennial May Magazine

  1. A bit spoilt for me by Theresa May! But it is the month of my birthday and my wife’s and one of our children – so it is a good month!
    I wish Theresa was 500 miles away!!

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